Winter Blues

Every winter season I feel a touch of the ‘winter blues’ and I must remind myself that this is normal and it is possible to fight off this type of seasonal depression. I start to feel the need to bunker down, due to the shorter days and the cold winter nights. I love the snow, and I love winter sports, and I feel energized just at the thought of strapping on my snowboard to head up on the ski lift; However, I also feel that cooped up energy from being inside for too long. It is not every weekend that I find myself out skiing, or headed out on the trail. Even if I do head out for a nice hike, when I return home those same feelings may come back. Instead of watching endless hours of your favorite rom-com movies, try a couple of these helpful hints to get you back from your seasonal blues.

TIPS to survive the winter season

  • Pick up a new hobby! I know that everyone says that you should start a new hobby, but the wintertime is the best time to pull out that sewing machine, or finish that scrapbook you started years back. If you are looking for an easy project to start and finish in one day, check out this amazing handbag sewing tutorial called 20 minute tote.  It may ignite that creative spirit in you to create your own line of handbags!
  • Work out to videos on YouTube. My favorite is Fitness Blender, and they have a lot of videos that you can do for 30 minutes with no weights, and only a little bit of space in your house. Go ahead! Try one and you might love it! (plus its cheaper than a gym membership and it feels less guilty when you do not head to the gym). Check out this 32 minute workout here.
  • Plan out that spring time rafting, camping or hiking trip. Most rafting trips require a permit to raft a section of river, and many campgrounds require reservations too,so plan ahead to have the exact weekend you want and be on top of your game! (If you are headed into National Park Service land, make sure you apply for your camping permit because it is normally mailed to you.)
  • Step up your cookie game! (Or even just step up your recipe game; ie: go through your cooking/recipe board on pinterest and actually print off the ones you want to try! Set a goal to try one new recipe each week).I recently read an article in our local newspaper about stepping up your cookie game for the holiday season. It was a great idea, and it made me think about all healthy alternative options that you can make and still have delicious cookies. Start thinking about making your own healthy bars for the trail, or other cookies that you can take with you that can be healthy and fun to make. Check out some awesome healthy cookie recipes over at Ambitious Kitchen, a blog devoted to making healthy living part of everyday.

Let us know your favorite ways to beat the seasonal blues!


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