Friends are Important!


A Girls Guide to surviving and thriving with friends!

    Yes, we have heard it before how important friends are to having a fulfilling life. We know the benefits, even WebMD promotes it on their website and cites a survey that was  “conducted by the Centre for Ageing Studies at Flinders University, the study followed nearly 1,500 older people for 10 years. It found that those who had a large network of friends outlived those with the fewest friends by 22%.”

Even without reading any information on statistics, all of us know how important friends are in ones life. They are the person you go to in case of a break up, a bad day at work, and a night out on the town or a day filled with movies and pj’s. Friends understand you in a way that parents, children or pets do not. Personally, I feel that after I hang out with my friends, I feel rejuvenated and ready to face the real world. I am able to discuss personal issues that I would never tell anyone else, and I am able to giggle so hard that I start to cry. Having friends can be hard at times too, as your life starts to get in the way of friendships. I know that I struggle to maintain friendships with all the daily activities that I currently maintain, full time job, husband, going to school for my masters, and two awesome dogs at home. How I am supposed to fill the area or time for friends? This is one area that I struggle with and I am currently trying to figure out how to do my best and overcome it. I am very grateful to all of my friends, those who live close and far away for always being there for me, and understanding my busy lifestyle.

Our helpful hints are for you to take and add to, as these are our personally ideas that will help you when you realize that you have left your friends out of the equation and its time to get them back into your life:

  1. Hang out with them! (truly hang out, alone time with your best girlfriends) in a long time! Text them or call them and let them know you are still alive and miss them. Set up a time to hang out and bring them a small gift of appreciation (chocolate or a bottle of wine works great).
  2. Avoid being the person that tells your friends you will show up and never do. Be honest with your friends and they will respect you for it. Tell them the actual reason you have a ton of work to do, or are crazy tired. They will understand!
  3. Remember to tell your friends how much they mean to you. This goes without saying, but when was the last time you told your friend that she/he was amazing! Or super rad! Make sure they know that you love them for who they are and they will feel that admiration.
  4. Basically, just listen to them. This can be on the phone or in person, but try to always be there for your friends. Making friendships can be hard, and having really good people in your life is important, so remember to care for the ones you already have.

That is all. This post is basically an ode to all my friends who I do not see enough but are always there for me and put up with my hectic lifestyle.

Thank you and thank you for being my friend. I LOVE YOU!

What do you do special for your friends? Let us know in the comments below


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