Saving Up for Your Next Adventure

…AND making your money stretch!

“The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page”

– St. Augustine

It’s January and I’ve been feeling some real cabin fever. “Wanderlust” is not only a feeling, but an emotion. I want to get out of here! I want to travel and eat and smile and walk and walk and take pictures and sleep like a log. I want to read more of that “World Book!”
So, where do I want to go? No, No – it’s more like, where do I not want to go!?! The main issue isn’t picking out where I want to travel to, it’s the part about paying to get there… and I know I’m not the only one.
Here are some good tips for saving up for your next adventure, whatever it might be! (I’m thinking South America this fall!)
Tips for Saving:
  • Piggy Bank. Just like when you were a kid. Save all of your extra change and/or $1 bills. They can really add up! (True story: in college, a friend and I drove all the way from Colorado to Tennessee for Bonnaroo – buying gas only with the spare change we had been collecting. Now, getting home…that was a whole other story!)
  • Put aside a certain percentage of your earnings. Even if it’s only a small percentage of each paycheck, it’s something going towards your next adventure. (When I was waitressing, I always put something from my tips into a jar – no matter how small the amount!)
  • Cut down on extraneous expenses – aka: cook more meals at home and eat out less, or make your own coffee at home instead of going out for a fancy cuppa’ joe. Ride the bus or bike to work and save on gas!
  • Sell Stuff! Having a garage sale or putting items up for sale online or at your local consignment store – both great ways to make a little extra money, while also helping you purge and simplify!
Tips for Research:
  • Decide where you want to go, and start researching! If you plan ahead of time you’ll be more likely to get cheaper rates on airfare and lodging.
  • Write down your top priorities for the trip: if staying in a nicer hotel is important to you, you’ll know that you need to save up a bit more. If you plan on camping or staying in low-budget hostels and preparing your own meals, you’ll get to your goal more quickly. Know your priorities and go from there.
  • Shop around. Compare prices on multiple websites before committing. Better yet, call directly to ask about the activities or places you are interested in – the people you talk to are likely to be locals who have more “inside” info.
  • Look up what the local “off season” is and travel during those months – most rates will be more affordable during the off season, although you’ll need to prepare yourself that not everything offered in the high season will be going on during that time. (My husband and I took our honeymoon to Scotland in October, and we saved so much on flights, room rates, etc. full disclosure, we did have to forego a couple of things that we wanted to do because they are only offered during the tourist season, like seeing a special castle and sea kayaking.)
Happy Adventuring!

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