Cast Iron In the Kitchen: Part 2/2

Cooking with Cast Iron:


We have kept a few of our regular, non-stick pots and pans, but there’s just something special about cooking with cast iron. It’s durable and often called the “workhorse” of the kitchen – for a reason! Cast Iron is great for all manner of baking, searing meats, stir-fry’s, frying up eggs…or frying up anything for that matter!

 What NOT to cook with your Cast Iron:

  • Thin or flimsy pieces of meat, especially fish (They just don’t stand up to the heat of the pan as well and will fall apart more easily than a thicker cut of meat)
  • Highly acidic foods, ie: tomato sauce, vinegar, wine (the high acidity could react with any exposed metal on the pan, causing damage to it, and it can even result in a metallic-y taste to the food)
  • Boil water

There are several cast iron recipe books out there, (Lodge’s Cast Iron Cookbook is our favorite), but Pinterest seems to be our favorite place for finding good recipes – check out our Cast Iron Board here!

We will also be posting some good cast iron “Cooking While Camping” recipes and tips in the future… so get ready for that!

Until then… Happy Cast Iron Cooking!


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