What if I am not an outdoorsy woman, but want to be?

I have looked at so many outdoor blogs, websites and organizations about how to become a lover of the outdoors. The real question is, how does one even START to become this?

What about me? What if I am more of a ‘gym’ girl than one that chooses the outdoors?

What if it’s cold? Snow? Ice? What if a bear eats me?

These questions are legitimate and Girls in the Great Outdoors recommend that if you want to become an outdoorsy woman, than you need to start small.

Are you afraid of the dark? If so, then work on this fear in your own house. Practice going to sleep without the lights left on, or the tv on or looking at your phone. Practice being in the dark, and being ok with it!

When you go camping, or sleep outside on a through hike, you must/need to be ok with the sounds of nature that happen during the night. Start small and start somewhere you feel safe!

Once you are ok with sleeping in the dark in your bedroom, go outside and camp in your yard. Its actually quite fun, and during the summer time it is a great activity to do with your kids or spouse. Set up the whole thing, tent, stove and fire! Now, go roast those marshmallows!

What about the body type of those fellow women who are more ‘outdoorsy’ than you?

We say do not worry. The body type of a lover of the outdoors does not matter. It is about being outside, and enjoying the environment around you. If you are worried that you are not in shape, than start a work out routine that you can follow. This could mean you start with your 20 minutes a day!  Or you start running a mile every day, or three times a week. See how you feel after a month.

Being outside in the elements a little nerve racking?

Go out prepared. The boy scouts are spot on when they say to ‘always be prepared’ so remember that rain jacket, and snacks and water.

We also EXTREMELY recommend starting your journey towards more outdoorsy stuff with a friend. It does not have to be a best friend, it can be someone who you might want to spend more time with, or a co-worker. Ask them out on a lady date, and invite them on a trail that you want to walk. Being outside can encourage conversation and can create a bond with that person and you will become closer because of it.

The authors of Girls in the Great Outdoors became amazing friends through taking our dogs for walks together. We would choose a trail and meet there. After only a couple hikes together, we were hooked and loved each other and the weekly hikes. It was a win-win!

So do not worry if you are not into the outdoors now, you never know when that love will really strike, but you have to start small.

You can become a woman of the wilderness!!!!


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