How To Pack for your Camping Adventure

Should I take everything?

A modern girl wants to look nice and also be comfortable when in the elements. Packing the correct clothes and shoes for your camping adventure is the first place to start when trying to enjoy camping, so you can truly enjoy it!


  1. Look online to see the weather forecast for the area that you are going to camp. Check a couple different sites to ensure that you are ready for the elements. I prefer to use Weather Underground, check the website out here:
  2. Do not over pack! While camping, you will normally wear the same clothes a few times and will bring back all the extra stuff you brought with you that is clean. Try your best to bring your favorite items and this way your backpack will not be overflowing, but you will still be prepared.
  3. Always pack extra underwear! And socks! (Two of the most crucial clean items needed while camping).
  4. Pack a towel! This could come in handy at any point on your trip, even if it is not used specifically for drying off. You can use it to sit on, stand on to change clothes, dry your feet off and it could be used for anything!

Here is our list that we have compiled as a guide to packing for your trip. If you are car camping, remember that you have more space for added clothes, however if you are hiking in and then camping you are at a limited amount of space for what you can carry on your back. Make adjustments as needed (and let us know in the comments or via email if you think something should be added!)

The List:

  1. Tank tops and sports bras. Ladies, you do not have to have the sexiest bra out in the wilderness. As soon as you and your significant other get into your sleeping bags and its pitch black out, no one will see your lingerie. (Not sure if we need to add in the part about a significant other, as not everyone has one… but we could replace it with a sentence such as: Ladies, you do not have to have the sexiest bra out in the wilderness. No one is going to see it, unless of course you are really counting on wooing a squirrel or moose.
  2. Socks and underwear. As many as you need for your trip!
  3. Tee shirt and long sleeve shirt.
  4. Shorts
  5. Pants (we recommend that you bring a great pair of jeans and also another pair of pants to wear at night or around the campfire. This is not to be confused with pajama pants, but another pair of pants that you can use if your jeans are wet, dirty, or if you are ready for a change up in wardrobe.
  6. LEGGINGS! Critical wardrobe essential if you are camping when it is cold, or in a state like Colorado where the weather changes constantly. Leggings can be worn on their own, or under your pants for added heat.
  7. Winter hat and summer hat. A baseball cap is perfect for putting on during the day to keep your unwashed hair and the sun at bay. A winter hat is always nice to have when it gets chilly at night.
  8. Rain or Winter Jacket (as needed)
  9. Tennis shoes or your favorite hiking shoe. I’ve found that my tennis shoes are better on the trail and more comfortable than a hiking shoe. (They’re also something that everyone has… and you won’t have to buy a new pair of expensive hiking boots) Wear what you like and do not try to impress with brand new shoes. This will cause pain and blisters!
  10. Your makeup bag: Now, some ladies will say that you do not need makeup on a camping trip. We disagree! However, we are not stating that you must include all of your eyeliners and nail polishes. (Personally, I just bring my clear or waterproof mascara because it a) doesn’t smudge, b) still makes my eyes pop a little, and c) tricks my mind into thinking I have on make-up…even when I don’t necessarily need it, and still want to feel cute) First, bring a pack of makeup wipes or face wipes. YOU WILL BE THE MOST POPULAR GIRL if you have these! Also, bring a small bag of Q-tips. These are good for everything! Some other must-haves: Mirror, toothbrush and toothpaste, biodegradable face wash and dry shampoo.


 Good luck packing!


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