“The Sun shines not on us but in us. The Rivers flow not past, But through us.” —John Muir

This site would not be a part of us Girls in the Great Outdoors if it did not include information and details about rafting. Lets face it, We Love Rafting.

It is part of us and it is the main reason that we became friends…all from the love of rafting.

Whitewater River Rafting is much different than Sailing or taking a boat out on the Potomac. It is an art. A rare look at the glorious area that surrounds the river, much of it unreachable from a car, train, or plane. It is about the way a river flows, the friends that you take on trips and the adventures that you have. I am a bit biased, as I am a commercial raft guide during my summers off from school, but also because I have fallen in love with the sport.

Rafting can be extremely intense, from class IV white water to a flat float trip down the San Juan River (which is an amazing trip and a must do if you are in the south west).

In this blog, we will reference many different trips that we have enjoyed, trips that we plan to do and also general rafting information (to include what to pack, how to prepare, food lists and gear essentials).

Please do not let the word ‘white water rafting’ scare you from going on a trip down the river. From West Virginia to California, to New Zealand and Canada, there are thousands of rivers to be explored and experiences to be made.

Rafting is a wonderful family experience, as well as a way to make new friends as you bond on your trip downstream. Some of the places that Alix and I have rafted include the Animas River, San Juan River, The Green River, and of course the Beautiful and majestic Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.

We hope you enjoy our posts based on our river experience and please let us know rivers that we should explore or if you have questions about any of our posts.

Lets go rafting ladies!


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